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Vleesgroothandel Dekeyzer plc, a meat wholesaler, supplies high-quality meat to butchers, supermarkets and wholesalers spread throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Since our foundation in 1922, the aim for the highest quality has been our main trump card. For three generations we have been striving for the best quality and service. Throughout the years we have always met the newest norms and therefore we have acquired the following certificates and marks:

Health mark

The health mark is an indication put forward by the FAVV (The Belgian Federal Agency for Food Safety). In order to receive this indication, the company has to comply with certain hygiene regulations imposed by the EEG. Certain inspection mechanisms are put in place to ensure that said hygiene regulations are taken into account. The acquired health mark enables the company to manufacture nourishments and export them abroad.
The health mark of our abbatoir: EG 107
The health mark of our cutting plant: F712

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

By following the measures set forth by the HACCP System, we ensure the lowest possible contamination risk during the production process. There is a Hazard Analysis (HA) and all Critical Control Points (CCP) are identified. All standards are specified and a control system is applied. If the CCP no longer meet the standards, measures have to be taken. Everything is registered and the system is verified by supplementary check-ups.

Comeos Food Standard

Our company has obtained the Comeos Food Standard, provided by Vinçotte Proveriq. This yearly renewable certificate ensures our consideration towards the HACCP regulations, the hygiene regulations imposed by the EEG. This certificate enables us to legally produce and sell meat products.

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Tracing and recall

Tracing and recall are regulated by our own elaborate system.