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About us

Quality business since 1922!
The founder, Michel Serry, converted his local business into a real abbatoir, laying the foundations for the current company buildings. Later he was assisted and succeeded by his son-in-law Frans Dekeyzer, who, together with his wife Margriet Serry, assured the growth of Vleesgroothandel Dekeyzer. Their sons Antoon, Hendrik and Paul Dekeyzer are the current managers of Dekeyzer plc and are the third generation of a company that embodies quality and service.

Antoon - Sales and purchases

GSM +32 (0) 475 766 219

Hendrik - Technical maintenance
GSM +32 (0) 497 12 61 71

Paul - Processing and administration
Gsm +32 (0) 474 75 73 33